Diversification and customization

As investors look to maximize the value of real estate within a portfolio, Domain offers our clients a tailored approach for allocating capital to a multitude of real estate strategies. In addition, we assist with determining appropriate property type and geographic concentrations, as well as structural and cost components for their allocation to the sector.

Our team brings a depth of industry experience that affords clients the flexibility to invest in operating real estate directly managed by Domain, or to engage the firm as a separate account or fund allocator for added diversity.

We believe Domain is well positioned to help our clients navigate the real estate market’s complexities by actively identifying potential individual opportunities or broad strategies and delivering fully integrated investment services, including due diligence, transaction structuring, contractual negotiations, and asset management throughout an investment or strategy’s duration.

Domain’s investment services are guided by long-term, meaningful partnerships — being responsive and collaborative with each investor to achieve their objectives in terms of targeted returns, duration, correlation and other factors.

Partnerships that perform.
That’s our domain.

Strategy. Collaboration. Transparency.

Our experience in Real Estate

Domain has deep and broad experience investing in and managing all principal property types: multifamily, office, industrial, retail, and hospitality. We also offer knowledge in what are considered specialty property sectors including student and seniors housing, medical office, net-lease, land, and single-family development/homebuilding. In addition, Domain has invested in infrastructure and agriculture selectively.

Domain most commonly invests in real estate on behalf of our clients through:

Direct property or portfolio investments utilizing third-party property management and leasing.
Operating companies in which Domain will own a majority or minority position in both the company and its portfolio properties.
Separate accounts with operating partners.
Funds sponsored by Domain, emerging managers, or managers with a specialized, niche strategy.
Direct lending – most often mezzanine debt or preferred equity.

Domain’s real estate investment philosophy emphasizes outcomes rather than products, and our approach favors specialization rather than commoditization in order to deliver genuine long-term alpha.

We provide customized and scalable strategies to align with specific investment objectives — and we strive to be more nimble and opportunistic than commingled fund operators or property-type-specific investors.

Rather than focusing on any single property sector or geography in which recent trends or market cyclicality may not support a capital allocation, Domain evaluates each investment with an in-depth analysis of performance across property sectors and the broader capital markets.

Domain Real Asset Ventures, a subsidiary of Domain Capital Advisors LLC, is focused on providing partnership solutions for sponsors across sectors and geographies, providing scalable investment solutions for clients seeking programmatic direct property investments.

For both operating company and property-specific investments, Domain self-administers or works with real estate sponsors and operating partners to develop and implement strategic plans that capitalize on ever-changing market trends within the various property sub-types.

On direct property investments, operating company investments, separate accounts, and fund investments, Domain is engaged as an investment advisor responsible for diligence, underwriting, negotiations and transaction structuring, and ongoing investment management.

Precision processes and
partnership at every level

At Domain, we believe our investment knowledge allows us to maintain rigorous methodologies to fulfill our fiduciary responsibilities. We deploy our operational capabilities to fully support our team in serving our clients.

The investment process begins with listening to and fully understanding the client’s investment objectives. This allows us to develop a strategy that meets each client’s needs. We then provide comprehensive and customizable services throughout the investment lifecycle. We strive to anticipate issues and enact solutions that benefit our client.

In Domain’s opinion, our deep knowledge coupled with extensive analytical analysis, allows us to identify key performance drivers and risk factors at every stage of an investment cycle.

Real Estate Advantage

Adding or adjusting a real estate allocation within a well-diversified portfolio can provide relatively predictable and stable long-term cash flow, while also maintaining the opportunity for significant asset appreciation – a hallmark of real estate investing.

Attractive risk-adjusted returns
Income and value growth over time
Diversification from public markets
Inflation hedge
Actively Influence Returns