Partnerships that perform.
That’s our domain.

Domain manages
investments across a
broad spectrum
of markets, asset classes
and industries.


As of September 30, 2023, Domain through its two registered investment adviser subsidiaries, Domain Capital Advisors, LLC and Domain Timber Advisors, LLC managed approximately $8.0 billion in total assets – comprised of real estate, natural resources, and other alternative assets.

Real Estate

Providing customized
and scalable strategies to
align with specific
investment objectives.

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Natural Resources

Discovering opportunities for risk-adjusted returns primarily due to lower return volatility and low correlation with other asset classes.

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Entertainment &

Our many investments within
these sectors include
acquisitions of media and
entertainment portfolios
predominantly intended to
deliver cash-on-cash returns
and a low correlation to the
broader market.

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Credit and
Special Situations

Striving to generate yields that are commensurate with both the strategy and the individual needs of each investor.

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Partnerships that perform.
That’s our domain.

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Our clients include public and private pension plans, corporations, foundations, endowments, and high-net-worth individuals.

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Our Service

We are committed to delivering comprehensive investment services across a diverse platform that includes private markets and alternative asset classes: Real Estate; Natural Resources; Media, Entertainment & Technology; and Credit & Special Situations.

Our Focus

Through partnership, we focus on developing customized solutions that are aligned with investment goals and strive to be strategic and responsive throughout the investment process. This supports our clients and their individual investors in realizing the value of long-term financial planning with diversified
funds management.