As investors look to alternative investments to play a more central role in managing risk and achieving diversification goals, having the right investment partner is key.

At Domain, we provide partnership at every level, defined by collaboration, communication and transparency — to translate market opportunity into sound portfolio strategies and actively manage investments to optimize performance. As a general partner in our funds, we also take a stake in every investment, demonstrating our shared commitment to realize the financial goals we set forth.

Our experienced team provides comprehensive solutions with customized reporting systems that give each client greater insight and more control throughout the investment lifecycle.

Today, in a global investment environment where the volume of data, market information and investment opinion can create complexity and confusion, we believe we are adept at seeing the big picture, pinpointing significant details, and connecting the dots to deliver day-to-day accountability.

As we look forward, Domain is well positioned to establish and grow client relationships guided by a shared vision and earned trust.

Partnerships that perform.
That’s our domain.


We are committed to delivering comprehensive investment services across a diverse platform that includes private markets and alternative asset classes: Real Estate; Natural Resources; Media, Entertainment & Technology; and Credit & Special Situations.


Through partnership, we focus on developing customized solutions that are aligned with investment goals and strive to be strategic and responsive throughout the investment process. This supports our clients and their individual investors in realizing the value of long-term financial planning with diversified funds management.