Structured Partnerships

Domain investments include most property types, risk profiles and capital stack positions, and we maintain the ability to be nimble and opportunistic in response to client needs, cyclicality and changing market dynamics. Our depth of experience affords clients the flexibility to invest in strategies directly managed by Domain, or to engage the firm as a separate account or fund allocator for added diversity.


Growing Partnerships

Domain currently manages co-mingled fund and separate account timberland investment portfolios diversified across various species and geographic regions. Environmental impact investments are focused on real property or other natural resources that have potential unrealized environmental and/or ecological value.


Productive Partnerships

Leveraging strong relationships, Domain has made many investments within these sectors, including acquisitions of media and entertainment portfolios that are predominantly intended to deliver cash-on-cash returns and a low correlation to the broader market. Growth equity investments in companies are structured to provide the potential for outsized gains while still protecting invested capital.


Insightful Partnerships

Domain provides private credit to operating companies and also lends against asset portfolios. Investments seek to exploit opportunities in esoteric asset classes and unique situations, driven by our capability to consider all the factors in determining risk and potential. Domain focuses on pricing methodologies and structural creativity to generate risk-adjusted returns.


While real estate and alternative investments are often riskier by nature, Domain attempts to mitigate those risks by following disciplined processes that fulfill our fiduciary responsibility and provide accountability throughout the duration of each investment.